Teaching is finding your own people

When I decided to make the transition from teaching into Firki, I did it believing that I am increasing my scale of impact. On a good day, my reason holds true. But on most days I miss being a teacher.
I miss the feeling of everyday being a new chance or a beginning. I miss waking up knowing what it would take for my day to count as being productive. I miss being in complete control of my plans and my actions. I miss the high of knowing that I taught something brand new in the last 45 minutes. I miss seeing the progress from inarticulate words to broken phrases to powerful ideas. I miss having meandering conversations with little humans and having my mind blown. I miss the sigh which escapes me when I think I may have had something to do with those ideas.  I miss having the power to forge friendships and make every person in the room count. I miss being the person who knows how to fix things. I miss having ‘do overs’ for bad days. I miss cracking up over terrible jokes using homophones (Why did the doctor quit? Because she did not have any patience). I miss for it to be normal to announce to 30 people, “If you need to pee, then go now. The next 45 minutes will be super intense Math”. I miss getting text messages asking if I saw the latest episode of Chota Bheem. I miss conversations around how Bheem was not working towards gender equity.
I miss being cool like Karthi here. I guess all I am saying is, those were my people and I miss them.
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One thought on “Teaching is finding your own people

  1. charanya kannan says:

    I totally agree…..i had the “been there..done that” feel when i read this….i still have the same longing to go back to a classroom….
    the work in a classroom , most times is like a stage show..you see the reaction right on and know youve hit the spot or not
    while the other “behind the screen” job might be that of a movie..where you need to wait and watch the impact….

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