15 things you should never say to someone with a migraine

You had adequate warning and now I am spelling it out.

  1. I also am coming down with a slight headache
  2. You are so lucky you will never put on weight! With not being able to eat chocolates or cheese…
  3. You know my uncle’s cousin’s second wife used to have pounding headaches, turns out it was a brain tumour
  4. If you know when it is going to happen, why do you let it affect you?
  5. If you brightened up the room and let some sun in, you would feel better
  6. Did you not have a headache yesterday as well?
  7. What do you mean your arm hurts? I thought you had a headache
  8. Are you sure it is a migraine and not some PMS thing?
  9. Here, smell this new perfume
  10. Exercise some self control. Just don’t keep popping pills because you have a headache
  11. Start eating <insert trigger>. Your body will get used to it
  12. Cmon! This is nothing! If you cannot handle this pain how will you have a baby!
  13. I am not yelling. Why would you say that?
  14. Why are you wearing sunglasses?
  15. Wow! You could run a pharmacy out of your bag

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