My delightful company and its perks

I talk to myself – all the time. There is always a constant conversation between me and me. Even when I have company, the other me continues to talk and sometimes makes very valid points which I then share in my voice with the people around me.

Today while  I was on my way back from yoga class, I was rehearsing a phone conversation because I had an important call in a bit and as usual I was feeling weird about talking to a new person. So right in the middle of explaining my vision to the other me for the project I plan to take up, I think I spoke out loud. The auto driver looked at me strangely and asked me if I said something to him. I said no and continued with my imaginary presentation.

At some point I guess, I truly scared him because he asked me to get off. I asked him why, he shook his head, asked me to get off 300m before my house and drove away without even taking the fare.

I am quite amused but my other voice cautions me that I may need help.

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One thought on “My delightful company and its perks

  1. muchnessofd says:

    Hahaha!!! Me also many voices, one head person.

    One of my flatmates also embarassed me yday by saying that she’s been home a couple of times when I thought I was home alone, AND she has heard me singing to myself and correcting it. Full MPD prachanais we have…


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