Make your peace – you are not it.

Dear Extrovert (who is under pressure to be an Introvert)

Hi, I understand you have been under a lot of pressure lately with the Buzzfeed list on 23 signs ( or a few other articles on how awesome introverts are or the TED talk by the lady who talks about leadership and introversion in her book Quiet The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Yeah…they make you look shallow, superficial, not speaking before you think, not looking at big picture. 

It is ok. If I were an extrovert I would feel bad too. But think about all the good stuff that has been said about you – apparently you are innovative because you get bored easily ( and apparently you are also healthier simply because you are surrounded by people and all that +ve energy. All the companies hiring you must love you, after all you are great with people and just bouncing off the walls. You cannot let a few buzzfeed lists or a couple of TED talks get you down man! <brotherly slap on the back – isn’t that cool anymore?> 

Think about it. You have always been the team leader, you have always had the largest group in the bar, you would never get a performance review where your ability to be “cohesive” is questioned and most importantly you are the fun person that everyone calls to makes plans. We all know you like that 🙂

So now that we have established this – let’s get it straight. STOP PRETENDING TO BE AN INTROVERT. Stop sharing these lists and tagging 20 other people on it saying “oh my god, I can so relate to every point on this!!” or “i grew up thinking i was bad” or some such crap. You did not and it is OKAY. There is even some research (albeit questionable) which says we need to act like YOU and we would be happier! (

I know we both lie on a spectrum and can feel differently depending on the day or situation. All you need to do is go back to doing your thing the way you feel and let us be. 

Please do not feel left out. It is a strange sort of peer pressure to fall under.



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