Dear _________

I know I never say such things to you but since there is a designated day for brother-sister type thingy I thought I might as well put it in writing. I do not expect you to write back or acknowledge this…your patented blend of discomfort and mockery will suffice 🙂

You are truly awesome. I know most of our conversations in the recent past has been more about me giving you gyaan about life, university and what not, but I do want to say that I truly admire the way you take life as it comes. Smiling.

I admire you for choosing people over most other things – you are much kinder and nicer in both thought and action than I will ever be.

I absolutely love your innate ability to be perceptive and gentle…I think I lack that as a person. In fact I know how hard I have been on you and I am sorry. I still hope to make it up to you sometime.

I am super proud of how good you are at playing drums and more importantly how you do not make a deal of how good you actually are.

I appreciate the fact that you are nothing like me and I hope you stay this way.

It makes me happy that unfairness makes you angry.

I always play the devils advocate when we argue and by virtue of being louder or using fancy words I know there have been times I beat you to it. But more often than not I tend to agree with you in my head and I think you should know that.

You are my younger brother and you inspire me to be better all the time.

I know you do not read this blog and I wish there was a way for me to tell you all this without the help of words. But for now, we just have to make do.

I love you and I wish I was there today to squabble over how much money I make with this festival 🙂




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