Welcome to the open minded world

40 women came home for vethalai paaku today being navaratri.

Here were a few lines that I want to write down to make sure I never forget them. Though some are so memorable that even if I try I DOUBT any forgetting will happen.

Conversation 1:

Aunty1: Beta, how come you are here? Have you taken off from Gurgaon for Navratri?
Me: Umm no, I live here now. I work in the Municipal School near by. I am a teacher.
Aunty1: Oh my god! I am so sorry to hear that beta!
Me: Well…Aunty, kheer? (die woman die of diabetes and cholesterol!)

Conversation 2:

Aunty2: Beta, how come you are here? Have you taken off for Navratri? Has your husband also come?
Me: No aunty, I work here. I work in a Municipal School near by. I am a teacher.
Aunty 2: Beta, isnt that school dirty? arent kids there dirty?
Me: Umm…
Aunty2 (Not noticing my discomfort): The biggest problem in my child’s school is that hand sanitizers are never refilled properly i mean the school does not care! With swine flu and everything…you would think they would be worried to refill the hand sanitizers on time. I always make it a point to give my daughter one small bottle for emergency. Beta, does your school have hand sanitizer?
Me: I think I got a call aunty..be right back

Conversation 3:

Aunty3: Oh beta! You have grown! You are here now? Oh what about your job?
Aunty2: Oh! You don’t know? She is working in the Municipal school as a volunteer
Me: No. I am a teacher. I teach 5th grade full time.
Aunty3: Oh so you play with them?
Me: No. I teach them. All subjects.
Aunty2 (thinks she is asking an intelligent question): But you do not know marathi…
Me: I talk in English and use a bit of Hindi
Aunty3: They know English?!
Me: Yes they are learning…they are getting quite good.
Aunty2: Can they learn?

Conversation 4:

Aunty4: Touch my abs! I have been working out
Me: No aunty, its ok
Aunty4: No! no..I won’t feel bad
Me: No (looking for mom desperately)
Aunty4: Arre!
Me: One minute haan aunty…Mom! Aunty is calling you (screaming)


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