Things only amma can say

1. Your idduki is too tight. Give it to me I will get it fixed in Madras store.

2. Your manjapudi has a konjum kadugu in it.
3. I reorganized your fridge – oru full shelf for cheese is too much.
4. Why is the fan so dirty? Ask your maid to clean it. Vela vaanga ve theriaadu. MBA padichu yenadaan pannalo
5. We should get you more paatram
6. Why are you buying inda soap? So expensive. I will show you which one to buy when we go to supermarket.
7. Your ironwala charges 5 rupees per shirt? You should bargain no kanna…you cannot give anything people ask for.
8. I do not understand why you are making so much fuss for that laptop. I do not see any difference. It is just white.
9. Yelaame matchinga irukanum is not compulsory (for curtains, cushions and even clothes)
10. You can buy flowers to put in a vase but two extra flowers for pujai room is difficult. Ok, what can I say…you only have to decide. It is your life.
11. You look strange…thoppai valikarda?  (I am 28 years old). Of course if you eat so little and cook so little what do you think will happen!
12.  Your peringaayam does not have the same vaasanai as mine. I will send you some when I go back.
13. To a friend when she thinks I am not listening: Romba ve chamathu…evalavu nana veedu nadathara
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