The gloves are off

So my HM thinks that I cannot handle my class, I have serious behaviour management issues with the kids and above all I teach “wrong” things to my kids. So here is her list of grave concerns pretty much verbatim:

1) You do not uphold Indian culture because you do not wear sindoor or mangalsutra. The kids know you are married and yet you stand ‘like this’ (pointing at my head and neck) . Is this how you would want YOUR children to be?

2) You are not teaching your children basic manners – they do not even ask you permission before drinking water in class! Is this how you want them to be in the outside world

3) You need to hit the kids. Aise nahi chalega. These kids are not like our kids. They need to be hit. Do not try to apply American psychology on Indian kids. No wonder they come and hug you, want to walk back with you. All these are signs of disobedience and no respect. Sahi karo bacchon ko varna kal humein hi pareshaani ho gi

4) Why do you want to keep them extra time and all. Unko kuch ho gaya to why should we take responsibility… why do you think you can change everything. Yeh aise hi rahenge. Sadak pe rahenge aur sadak pe mar jaayenge…tum do saal ke liye aaye ho..tho rahne do na. Vaise bhi these kids won’t get anywhere.

5) Your kids are back answering – why cannot they be like other kids?! Why are they asking you so many questions? How can they be allowed to ask you something when you are teaching? Do not encourage so many questions. Phir baahar jaake bhi they keep asking questions. Look at the other students they do not ask questions.

6) Why is your class called choice makers? Why are you teaching these kids about choice? They do not know anything. They will never be given the choice. Their life is without a choice. It is better that way. Who wants these kinds of people to have a choice anyway? They would ruin it for everyone. And morning shift children see the poster and demand to know why the afternoon kids get choice

These are the main ones and a few more in the same strain keep coming my way. To avoid antagonising her, I removed the choice maker banner (though I told my kids that we are a part of the secret group of choice!), I started wearing sindoor, I told my kids to stop rubbing their English in other teachers’ faces – but I cannot bring myself to tell them that this is all their life is going to be. I cannot bring myself to tell them that they do not control the change they believe in. NO. Why? – Simply because I do not lie to my kids.

So, my HM decided that I need “help”. She has hired a BMC teacher to “co-teach” with me in my class so that my kids can become like other regular kids (apparently). I do not want this arrangement. I did not let any other teacher into my class because they hit kids till they all begin to look and sound alike. Now I have a co-teacher. Someone who thinks my kids need a good caning and then they will be “all right”.  I dread thinking of when she will hit my Shabnam for drinking water or Rutuja for saying she does not agree with what I am saying about Veruca Salt.  I can already see Suraj and Vikas not writing songs anymore.

I see the people around me not wanting change. They would rather that every child blends into the other, every individual thinks the same, feels the same and acts the same. It scares me. But I am going to be the fortress that no force can reckon with. My kids will grow and continue to choose, continue to question, continue to learn and seek happiness in anything they do.

God bless the woman who is coming to my class. She can be my partner in crime or she won’t know what hit her last.


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