Special moments from class

-When we asked the class to draw a picture of their family, Rani drew a picture of Archana Didi and named it my family. 

-When we did letters of appreciation in class by asking students to write 3 nice things about their chosen classmate, Madhav had to write a letter to Nandini but he did not know who Nandini was. So he saw Nandini and wrote her a letter saying “Nandini, you look like a apple.” And he drew an apple with eyes and a smile and named it Nandini to prove his point. Khalid meanwhile wrote a letter to Firdos saying “Firdos is nice girl. Firdos is good girl girl. Firdos not copy from Khalid” (refer to previous post on my class). 

What letters of appreciation day started is a culture of writing letters anytime all the time!

-On a particularly rough day, I was kind of mad at Sarthak since he drove me up the wall running out of class and refusing to step back in. I refused to look at Sarthak in the eye (fully knowing that nothing annoys him more than that) and he in turn wrote me a letter saying “Archana Didi good not bad. Happy not sad. Archana didi love Sarthak”Image

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