I was parched, I was dry.
I cracked
I kept looking upward
Seeking deliverance

She looked blue and bright
With wisps of white
Floating by her face
She looked below
Her eyes mocking

I looked beseechingly
She was disgusted by my neediness
A sudden whiff of black
The hope shone in my eyes
Before I could even think it

She laughed
She taunted
She teased mercilessly
Another wisp of black
Only to toy with me

And then she got mad
It was all black
She rained
Every drop a slap
Every other drop a pierce

She looked smug
And I soaked
I drank every drop
I felt me dissolving in her anger
She hated me more for giving in

But I needed her
More than she needed me
Wet and drowning now
Yet exactly where I wanted to be

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