Photo identity

So I am not sure about you, but then I have never ever had one single photo identity in which I think I look good. Again, it is not like I am very hard on myself on these issues..if I look passable or anything close to what I look in person (again my perception versus what others see)..I would be quite pleased with the result. (This began as a simple sentence and wound up being a lot more convoluted!)

But then that has never happened.

I had my passport made when I was in grade 2 – to move to the Gelf. Now I know you must be thinking aww that is cute. But it so was NOT. In that picture my head looked enormous and more so because I was a freakishly small person. Generally everyone’s head looks much bigger than what it actually is in a passport photo but when you see it attached to a stalk of a neck (picture a turnip on a toothpick) – that would be me.
So that I lived with for a while. When I turned 18 I needed to renew the passport photo because clearly it was not a good enough photo identity any more!

This time around I wore black because I thought it is slimming (yea stop sniggering we are still talking about the passport photo I know), brushed my hair over and over again till it was falling beautifully, a hint of lip balm to complete the fresh look 
But then, the photographer said I needed to tie my hair back because my ears need to be visible (!) Yes.  So this kind of change in plans I had not budgeted for. My mother immediately whisked out a rubberband and I tied my hair behind tight. So we now have a photo that looks like that of the Pillsbury Doughboy without the hat – that I am still living with.

Next up the PANCARD

So for this I could have given my same doughboy photo but I felt I deserve another chance. So this time, I tied my hair in a way my ears are visible but my forehead not so much. Wore tiny earrings, not over the top going for more for understated elegance. A little kajal, a little gloss this time and I was set. I got the picture and I was surprisingly happy with the result. I gave it off with the form feeling like I have finally managed to beat the system.

But when the pancard arrived, I realised how someone in the photo division in the Income Tax Dept does not know how to use the Scale tool in Photoshop or Paint! They had reduced the size of my photo horizontally. For those of you who know what I am talking about, I am sure you also feel my pain.  So now we have a photo with a mongoloid Pillsbury doughboy feel.

I made my peace with this somehow and moved on.

About 4 months back, I lost my pancard. So I had to go through the rigmarole of re-applying and filling out forms again etc. This time, I submitted a picture of mine taken in business school. I looked young and sharp in a blazer, the ears were visible and the forehead looked normal and I was not squished. The entire set of forms with the picture apparently got misplaced at the Income Tax Dept end.

So I filled out forms again, submitted the same picture again hoping that I just get the damn thing done this time.
But no. I get a call saying “Madam aapke photo mein kuch problem lagta hai. Face ka angle teekh nahi hai. Scanner bhi reject kar raha hai”. This happened today.

So I had to go get a new picture and give it tomorrow itself or else my form would go to the backburner again. So today on my way back from school, I simply walked into a photo studio to get the ordeal done with. Result – a picture with flattened hair, sweaty face, barely visible eyes and loads of forehead with a lone throbbing vein.  I just know this time around, the form will get through, the scanner will scan this picture right and I will get a pancard with my new photo.


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