Other people and contradictions

You should definitely get a job. You are a MBA, you must be so bored sitting at home. Paavam, everyday her husband comes late from work and she is just sitting waiting for him. Yes, you must definitely get a job but get something in Bangalore ok? Chumma do not leave your husband and go sit in some village shed to teach children. He is very ambitious. Growing in so fast in his company…they are thinking of sending him abroad. Very smart he is…knows exactly what is needed to be successful.

You are free full day no why don’t you learn Lalitha Sahasranamam? This is the right age, I think it would be perfect for you to start your family now – anyway you are on a break.
You and your husband studied together and you both have the same degree how can you let it go waste! It is so nice you are there when he comes back tired from work. It must be nice for him to finally have a wife who is around to give him hot dinner after a long day’s work. Yes, you are very smart but why do you feel the constant need to prove it. Oh, he…very hardworking and very smart did you know he just got an award for excellence? I tell you, that boy is quite something. You are at home only no why don’t you call everyone and be in touch? What do you do sitting alone? Poor thing, every time that boy is at home you are on the computer or the phone…you think he got married thinking his wife will be forever on whatsapp and Skype? Oh, he is so friendly. He makes friends wherever he goes. Such a loveable person that he constantly talking and is in touch with everyone. You have absolutely not changed after your marriage. You look the same…no one will look at you and say you have been married for nearly 4 years. Are you embarassed about being married? Why don’t you wear the thaali we got you?
You should see that boy, so fit and particular about his health. Cycles everyday, not an ounce of extra fat in his body. Yes…he should take care no. No one can tell he is 31.
It is strangely frightening to learn that the people who have always known me morphed my picture to be a watermark to be seen through someone else’s life.
Did you ever think by signing a paper in legalese the idea of your very being got juxtaposed on a supposedly more important life form?
I did not.

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