My class at Institute


I am going to try and give you a mental picture of each kid in our class to help you know where I am coming from when I regale you with my tales of woe.

1. Naresh – telemarketing caller, can nag you about a star or a point enough to make you a Satan worshipper.
2. Madhav – Marathi manoos, this kid will look perfectly at home in a colourful lungi and a perforated vest, brilliant artist who needs a lost & found department dedicated to him
3. Asmit – Bermuda triangle, can also be the eerie joker whose constant smile can give you the creeps. Most famous for showing a thumbs up when asked “do you want didi to be angry?”. P.S Do not do life maps with him.
4. Khalid – Khalid (you need to meet him to know him), super poser, very photogenic.  Famous line “That is not a smart question didi.”. Constant crib in life: “Arre my mummy not getupping only yaar.” (In response to being asked to come on time)
5. Mohammad Kaif – Garima strikes 2-B. He joined our class 3 days before EOI assessment. Thinks Grapes is spelt with a J and searches for place value under the chair or at the back of his notebook. But copies like XEROX.
6. Sarthak – Jesse Owens Jr., chooses to bolt out of the door during class. One step response to anything he does not like is to write a line on how Archana/Sanyukta/Aneesha/Ayushi didi is bad and Amrtua didi is good.
7. Dyaneshwar – the glimmer of hope, the silver lining to my cumulonimbus cloud of a class! Assessments show that he clearly knows everything beforehand. His favourite position is the smart position (sigh)
8. Sanjana – favourite time of the day is break time, can make me doubt gene theory but definitely not a pain point in class.
9. Nandini – drama queen, takes offence if she is called Aditi, can be assured that there is a lot of prime time serial playing at home, thinks smiling and drawing cards is the solution to mankind’s problems
10. Aditi – understated, one of the shoulders that is holding our class average slightly above red. Favourite day is free hugs day
11. Aryan – I have no idea how this kid looks! Have not seen him since week 1
12. Upendra – stoic, flashes the most amazing smile in the morning, believes he has the super power to answer questions without reading them
13. Sujal – the calligrapher of the class, loves to do diagnostic tests!, is one of the other shoulders that is holding the class average up wherever it is.
14. Om – the favourite of all four Didis (As much as we do not like to say it out loud), looks like Tweety, raises his hand for every question asked in class and surprisingly does know the answer. Every didi’s solace on a bad day at school
15. Priyanka – quiet (until we saw her at her home!), our lady of salvation when it comes to classroom behaviour and engagement in class
16. Rani –  PMSing K-serial watching aunty trapped in the body of a 7 year old. Singing genius and super sharp when not PMSing
17. Pranali – sweet, poster child for shy kids,  love to ask her “how are you” for her singsong “I am fiiiinnnee”
18. Pratiskha – Office 2000 (not many bugs but super slow), loves dusting the duster
19. Firdous – “My name is Firdos (with a spray)”, “Can I sharp pencil?”, copies like Xerox
20. Raju – Drama Queen II, thank god he didn’t continue with summer school
21. Rohan – emoticon smiley
22. Nayan – Socrates (thoughtful pondering when asked a question – but not answering), who can draw

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