Flight of dreams

There once was a golden mare. She was young, listless and clipety-clop.
She wanted to fly to far away lands, see the world untouched by man
Many a few told her away, for she’d never make it to the world atop
She didn’t yield, she didn’t blink for she knew they could not see her gossamer wings

There once was a dark black stallion. He was young, strong and but very calm
He knew his strengths and saw his ways, lighted by the glow of quiet
He saw his mare, so golden was she and the sparkling dream afore her eyes
He wanted all he had for her, for he too wanted to see her fly

He never knew that when she flew, she always flew with him in mind
He always thought that he was the only streak that held her behind
He willed all he could for her to be free, free to fly to an untouched land
She was young and listless but never without him in sight

Then one fine day, she took him along
To a place known to be the end of the world
They stood at the precipice with the blow of wind
With no other thought in their mind

With one single glance they took off the edge
She began to fly like she always dreamt
And then he found he flew like the wind
The wind beneath her gossamer wings

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