Best friends



Excerpts of conversation dating to times when all three of us were in the same city. Email threads at work read as below:

A: i REALLY think ______ is seeing someone and is not telling us. wanted to know what you think (11:33 a.m.)

C: k which boy? and since i am dense at signs, what signs are u talking abt?? (11:43 a.m.)

D: not tat it has nethin to do with this thread…but i hv throat infection…and slight fever (whch doc thot might b viral) which is gone today but which was there tue night n yday…and am on a course of antibiotics plus a raspberry flavored cough syrup tat i hv to drink every 1-2 hrs so am slightly high 😀 😀 as for _____…i vote to go with A’s conspiracy theory 🙂 (1:33 p.m.)

C: Am loving my hair… havent received a single compliment.. but am still loving it 😀 he he...

I miss you both. Its not that we do not talk enough on whatsapp or gtalk…its just I miss this and that from those days…

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One thought on “Best friends

  1. muchnessofd says:

    Most random conversation ever. And I miss those days too…


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